Ales And Julia Shaternik Took Part In The 1st Exhibition Of The Belarusan Museum

March 25, 2007

On March 25th, The Belarusian Museum has opened its first exhibition in the ceremony hall of the St. Cyril's Turau Cathedral in New York. The exhibitions features the well known Belarusian artists such as Yladzimer Sylkoysky, Jagor Batalienak, Genadzj Drazdoy, Mihail Karpuk, Ales and Julia Shaternik. The opening of the show of Belarusian art work on March 25th is very significant because this is the day when Belarusian people gained their independence and declared the creation of Belarusian Republic for the first time in the history. Belarusian people who lives in USA found in this exhibition a relief which evoked memories and brought them closer to their homeland.