International Exhibition in the Museum Of Russian Contemporary Art

October 10, 2006 

In the past, our museum has already organized similar events. In particular, we had joint Russian-American and Russian-Georgian-American expositions. And now we are opening an international exhibition that presents artists from Russia, Byelorussia, Georgia, France and the US.

Among Russian artists there are those who work and live all around the world – in Russia, the USA, France, Israel, Canada and Ukraine. Along with well- known artists as Oscar Rabin, Anatoly Zverev, Vladimir Jakovlev, Boris Zaborov, Oleg Tselkov, this show will introduce their young colleagues from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Paris, Nizhni Novgorod, Ekaterinburg, Novokuznetsk, Kharkov, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Jerusalem, Zaparozhja.
From Belarus, show participation is accepted by such renowned masters as Alexander Shaternik, Alexey Marochkin, Michael Karpuk, Vladimir Sulkovsky, among them a yong and talented artist Julia Shaternik.
From Georgia, in the exhibition, there are five masters including Vladimir Kandelaki, Zura Bushurishvili, Irakly Avaliani take.
France is represented by two Parisian artists Gabriel Juon-Ergin,Sylvia Tabet. Constantine Gedal, Rich Buckler, Lana Santrelli and Robin Vohl are among few American artists whose works will be on display.

Obviously, with such diversity, spectators will meet the artworks from the most different directions existing in the modern art.

Alexander Glezer
Museum’s General Director